Inspection Qualifications

The Company has passed the ISO/IEC17020/17025 quality certifications.

Vehicle Inspection Center, a subsidiary of the Company, is the sole authorized organization for inspecting vehicles running between the Mainland and Hong Kong and the testing organization designated by the environmental protection authority of the Hong Kong government. The Center has obtained the ISO/IEO17025 quality system certificate (CNAS(L0228)) recognized by the CNAS and the measurement certificate (200619017A) and inspection qualification of motor vehicle safety technical inspection institutions (XKCG2007108) recognized by the GDQTS successively.

Animal and Plant Quarantine Center, a subsidiary of the Company, is the first organization for wooden package heat treatment in Hong Kong recognized by the Hong Kong government.

China Dragon, a subsidiary of the Company, is one of the seven organizations engaged in food nutrition and composition testing recommended by the Hong Kong government as well as the organization for inspection and accreditation of toys and children products exported to USA recognized by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). China Dragon has obtained recognition of the HOKLAS (No. 068), the CNAS (No. L0064), and the CPSC (No. 1006) successively.